Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows 10

Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows 10: If you have set your WiFi password a long time ago chances are you must have forgotten it by now and now you want to recover your lost password. Don’t worry as today we are going to discuss how to recover a lost WiFi password but before that let’s know more about this problem. This method only works if you were previously connected to this network on home PC or your laptop and the password for WiFi was saved in Windows.

This method works almost for all the versions of the Microsoft Operating system, just make sure you are logged in through the administrator account as you going to need administrative privileges in order to recover the forgotten WiFi password. So without wasting any time let’s see how to actually find a forgotten WiFi password in Windows 10 with the below-listed steps.

Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows 10

Make sure to  create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Restore Wireless Network Key via Network Settings

1. Press Windows Key + R then type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter to open Network Connections.

2. Now right-click on your Wireless adapter and select Status.

3. From the Wi-Fi Status window, click on Wireless Properties.

4. Now switch to the Security tab and checkmark “Show characters.

5. Note down the password and you have successfully recovered the forgotten WiFi password.

Method 2: Using Elevated Command Prompt

1. Press Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2. Type the following command into cmd and hit Enter:

netsh wlan show profile

3. The above command will list every WiFi profile that you were once connected to and in order to reveal the password for a specific network connection type the following command substituting “Network_name” with the WiFi network you want to reveal the password for:

netsh wlan show profile “network_name” key=clear

4. Scroll down to the security settings and you will find your WiFi password.

Method 3: Recover Wireless Password using Router Settings

1. Make sure you’re connected to your router either via WiFi or with Ethernet cable.

2. Now according to your router type the following IP address in the browser and hit Enter: (Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, and more) (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, Actiontec, and more) (Linksys and more)

In order to access your router admin page, you need to know the default IP address, username, and password. If you don’t know then see if you can get the default router IP address from this list . If you can’t then you need to manually find the router’s IP address using this guide.

3. Now it will ask for username and password, which is generally admin for both of the fields. But if it didn’t work look below the router where you will find the username and password.

Note: In some cases, the password can be “password” itself, so try this combination also.

4. Once you are logged in, you can change the password by going to the Wireless Security tab.

5. Your router will be restarted once you changed the password if it doesn’t then manually switch Off the router for few seconds the Start it again.

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That’s it, you have successfully Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows 10 but if you still have any questions regarding this post feel free to ask them in the comment section.